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Meet David Dixon Associates

I have worked for 30 years as a strategist and fundraiser in many countries and I and my colleagues are passionate about culture, heritage and education. 

We engage with boards, directors and department heads to help them make the changes necessary in the rapidly developing context of  funding, social change and technology.

Our clients often underestimate their true value and a narrow focus on the priorities of public funders can lead them to undervalue other ways they are important. An important part of what we do is to help you recognise your full value and this shows the way to new sources of income.

Survival is not enough. Our aim is to help you flourish.

The DDA Network

DDA has long-standing, personal relationships with leaders and managers in many countries and we help make links between them. When needed we can call on an extensive network of professionals around Europe and the USA covering specialist areas such as leadership and management, marketing, customer experience, ticketing and research.


High-level Advice for cultural and higher education organizations

Development and Training for Boards and Directors

The active and direct engagement of the Director and of Boards is essential for fundraising success. In the...

Fundraising Review and Strategy

Could your fundraising be better? Maybe you are starting fresh and want to know what your options are?...

Case for Support Development

Fundraising is driven by passion and enabled by technique; to put this another way: ‘First the Heart and...

Value Exchange

Income generation of all kinds, even philanthropic donations, is based on an exchange of values. This is often...

Fundraising Technical Support

DDA can advise on fundraising technique and create detailed plans for: Legacy fundraising Audience and visitor fundraising CRM...

Recruitment of Staff and Board Members

It is often difficult to find experienced staff members to take forward ambitious business plans and there is...

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Let’s make your next cultural project a success

DDA can help your organisation to recognise its full value and set it on the right road to long-term income generation. We are very happy to have an initial conversation with you and we love visiting cultural organisations and colleges. Get in touch.