Teylers Museum

A museum created in the enlightenment, a ‘chamber of wonders’ in a wonderful building

The oldest private museum in the Netherlands and unique worldwide

Taking fundraising to new levels and a major capital fundraising campaign

DDA developed the Case for Support, coached staff, helped internationalise fundraising and wrote the strategy for general and capital fundraising


Pieter Teyler was a prosperous Haarlem businessman and left his estate, including his private house, to create a foundation on his death in 1778. The Museum was created six years later to show the public the latest marvels of science and art. The main museum building and many of the exhibits are over 200 years old and Pieter Teyler’s house, a lovely 18th century building is now being restored. The Museum is full of wonders including a rock from the very top of Mont Blanc, the famous bird paintings of Audubon and what was, at the time, the largest electrostatic machine in the world. Its science laboratory was created by Hendrik Lorentz and visited by Einstein. DDA was asked to help the Museum take its already successful fundraising programme to a higher level, write a Case for Support and create the fundraising strategy to raise millions for the refurbishment of Teyler’s house.